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Postoperative care is the care you receive after a medical surgery has been done. The scope of our postoperative recovery care required depends on the patient’s pre-surgical health status, type of surgery, and whether the surgery was performed in a day-surgery setting or in the hospital.  Our postoperative care often includes pain management and wound care. Postoperative care starts immediately after surgery.

It can be stressful when you or your loved one are/is admitted to the hospital. They are most vulnerable at home without needed attention. That’s why planning ahead—for when you or your loved one returns home from the hospital—is such a crucial step. In fact, research shows that the right postoperative or hospital-to-home care can reduce the chances of complications and do wonders for supporting your recovery process. 

We are well equipped to deliver

At Detoffcare, We have fully equipped professional staff members who are specialized in caring for older adults (Male/Female) who just got discharged from the hospital after their surgical operation. Their duties include proper dressing of wounds and helping you or your loved one manage the pain that comes with surgical operations. Our Postoperative recovery care involves




– Intervention

-Outcome evaluation.

We pay attention to every little details

After operation, We assist to monitor the patient’s progress and it include at least:

  • A comment on medical and nursing observations
  • A specific comment on the wound or operation site
  • Any complications
  • Any changes made in treatment Aftercare: Prevention of complications
  • Encourage early mobilization:

-Deep breathing and coughing

-Active daily exercise

-Joint range of motion

-Muscular strengthening

-Make walking aids such as canes, crutches and walkers available

and provide instructions for their use

  • Ensure adequate nutrition
  • Prevent skin breakdown and pressure sores:

-Turn the patient frequently

-Keep urine and faeces off skin

  • Provide adequate pain control

We monitor closely

Older adults and patients who have been in theatre for a long period are at risk of hypothermia. Shivering can be due to anaesthesia or a high temperature indicative of an infection, while a drop in temperature might indicate a bacterial infection or sepsis. Our responsibility at Detoffcares is to ensure that our patients’ temperature is monitored closely and actions taken to return it to/within normal parameters. 

We ensure maximum and quick recovery for all our patients who have just gone through an operation. At Detoffcares we follow strictly your Doctor’s instructions. 

Postoperative Home Care Services


-The process of hospital discharge,

-Transport to and from the hospital for appointments and check-ups, and

-Specialised nursing procedures,* such as wound care, catheter care, Nasogastric tube insertion and feeding, and Oxygen therapy and more.

*Performed by our registered nurses

-Support for the elderly (and their families) living with dementia.

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