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Who Are We

Detoff cares is a company that passionately cares for people suffering from advanced illnesses in the comfort, dignity and privacy of their own homes rather than in hospitals or frail care centres. Detoff cares provides home-based care using medically trained caregivers, nurses and other professionals.

At Detoff cares, we believe growing old is not the end but rather the next chapter in the story of our lives. At Detoff cares, we have a new way of thinking about seniors. We believe that people can still be creative and vital, no matter their age.

Growing older can result in you not being able to either do as much as you once were able to, or complete certain daily tasks. These shortcomings and other similar cases should not stop you from continuing to live a joyful and complete life. It is also a time when you may have to rely on your family and friends to step in to give you support and care. Whatever your circumstances, there may also be a need to look contact a caregiving company like detoff cares that can step in to bring additional support and respite.

What we do

Detoff Cares employs a compassionate caregiving team, who work with individuals facing medical, physical, psychiatric or developmental challenges and find themselves in need of care and support to maximize their quality of life.

We have earned our reputation as the company that can handle difficult situations. No matter what challenge you may be facing, we have seen it before and we are ready to help.

We offer an array of services to our clients that need guidance, safety and care to remain as independent as possible.

In providing caregiving services, Detoff cares prioritizes health and safety, focusing on activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs).

Our Philosophy


    Our team members never stop learning. Ongoing training is an essential part of “Detoff Cares” status.


    We believe in the importance of integrity in business. That’s why we encourage our caregivers to always be transparent. We ask the same of our clients—to give us honest feedback via our rating system.


    We’re always open to new and better ways of doing things—this extends to how we use technology to make the lives of our caregivers, clients and team more efficient. We also challenge our team to be proactive and to take initiative.


    We give attention to every little details as we know that ignoring little details can lead to more complications

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to set the highest standard of home care giving in the United States of America.

Our Core Values

Dignity is the way in which people are physically treated or handled.  Treat clients with respect and privacy at all times.

Do the right thing even when it’s not acknowledged by others or convenient for you. An individual with integrity is honest and keeps their word even when it’s difficult.

Having compassion gives us the ability to want to approach and care for other people.  Compassion includes three elements: Noticing, Feeling and Responding.

Advocacy ensures that people have their voice heard on issues that are important to them as well as access to information and services.

Our Mission Statement

our mission is to provide quality care services that meets the unique needs of  seniors and helping them live a fulfilled life.

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